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What’s in Choosing a Name for Trans People

Published: 8/03/2016

A lot of people ask, ‘Why do we need labels?’ ” says actor Rebecca Root, star of the BBC2 sitcom Boy Meets Girl. “But everybody calls themselves something. Some people describe themselves as gender-fluid or non-binary or gender variant or whatever — but they still have a name. It really is the ultimate label.”

Within just five hours of the Caitlyn Jenner Vanity Fair cover going public, the hashtag #CallMeCaitlyn had been featured in more than 150,000 tweets. Jenner’s physical appearance certainly caught the public’s eye, but it was her name that resonated around the world. And while the manner in which she introduced her new identity is pretty exceptional, the name-changing process for many trans people is one often carried out in the public eye, irrespective of intention.

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