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Do We Still Need Gay Awards Ceremonies in 2015?

Published: 8/07/2015

I can’t speak for everyone, but each time Pride season rolls around; each time a high-profile celebrity comes out as gay, bi or trans; and each time I read the Rainbow List or hear about the Stonewall Awards, I wonder whether we still need these affirmations and celebrations of gayness. In the halcyon era of equal marriage, is Pride still relevant? Do we really care if an entertainer, writer or sportsperson is LGBT? And is it truly necessary to hand out accolades for someone’s sexuality or gender identity?

It’s obvious from the horror stories and statistics of reported homophobic violence that – though the UK is edging towards total legal parity for LGBT people – socially we’re still found wanting. Particularly with regards to the transgender community. Despite this, there are those both queer and straight who feel visibility is no longer a necessity and that it’s time we moved beyond the labels entirely. People who feel that now we have marriage, the battle is essentially won. That Pride’s political relevance is redundant; LGBT-specific award ceremonies are segregationist; and sexuality and gender don’t matter.

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