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How We Got Started in Drag

Published: 16/12/2015

While drag may currently be experiencing something of a renaissance, with the more glamorous elements seeping slowly into the mainstream, for the most part it remains pretty cult, confined largely to the queer scene. The UK’s own buoyant drag scene, however, has long championed the camp and experimental, the transgressive and subversive. For the queens themselves, their journeys and motivations for persevering with such an unconventional art are equally disparate and typically nonconformist.

Thom Glow, 26, fell into drag almost by accident. As an 18-year-old student at the University of Glasgow, he had a natural curiosity towards alternative and unconventional performance, and Halloween at the local gay bar presented the perfect opportunity to explore drag. After honing the character’s persona and sourcing the look from eBay, everything from the corset to the wig, he stepped out as the imperious Vanity Von Glow.


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