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This Is What You Need to Do to Get Cryogenically Frozen in the UK

Published: 30/05/2018

If everything goes according to plan, when Chris Chambers’ heart stops beating his body won’t be escorted to the morgue. His family won’t be given the space or time to sit pensively with him. There will be no post-mortem. No burial. No cremation. None of this will happen, because Chambers* intends to skip death.

Like a fractional but growing minority, Chambers has put his faith in cryonics: the process of preserving the deceased at sub-zero temperatures, with the hope that the technology will one day exist to revive and cure them.

So, when Chambers dies, his body will instead be placed into a steel cask filled with ice, then taken to a funeral director’s premises to undergo the process of being frozen below -65°c. His corpse will then make its way to Arizona, where it will be stored indefinitely in a vat of liquid nitrogen.

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