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Once More With Pride – LGSM March Again

Published: 24/06/2015

Pride is a very different beast to the one that saw LGSM (Lesbians and Gays Support the Miners) prowl through the streets of London three decades ago. It’s tamer, it’s put on weight and it now comes sporting a Starbucks branded tiara and gloriously blue Barclays sash. It hasn’t lost its roar though, and that it’s now the country’s second biggest street party after Notting Hill Carnival is a testament to how far LGBT rights in the UK have come.

But while Pride and LGBT rights in the UK have transformed beyond recognition, the political landscape bears more than a few similarities to that faced by LGSM and the miners during the mid-eighties. An unexpected conservative majority has promised more cuts to the tune of £12 billion, trade unions face further strangulation, and just last week 250,000 marched against austerity and the damage its doing to the most vulnerable.

The parrallells aren’t lost on Dai Donavan, one of the miners from the community portrayed in the film, who’ll be marching with LGSM and the trade union bloc at the parade.


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