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We Were Sent to Conversion Therapy for Being Gay

Published: 24/11/2016

Every day across AmericaLGBT people of all ages are exposed to conversion therapy. That it is still legal to expose minors to a practice as traumatising, barbaric, and, in many cases, lethal is a disgrace. Any hope LGBT activists had that the practices would be outlawed any time soon, even for minors, took a severe blow when Donald Trump and his evangelical vice president, Mike Pence, won the election. Pence has previously voiced support for ex-gay therapy and is infamous for introducing draconian anti-LGBT legislation in his time as Indiana Governor. The four men interviewed below experienced conversion therapy in many of its predatorial guises. They survived. Though their stories are in many ways unique, what they were exposed to – and the scars they still bear because of it – is all too common for so many vulnerable LGBT people.

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