About Me

I’m a London-based journalist and editor, currently working as a commissioning editor at The Guardian.

Throughout my career I’ve contributed regularly to a variety of publications, including The Guardian, Telegraph, Independent, VICE, Dazed and more.

My work has predominantly explored LGBT issues. I’ve written features covering the plight of gay Syrian refugees, the experiences of those who’ve been exposed to gay conversion therapy and the discrimination that HIV positive people still face in the British workplace. I’ve interviewed the queer activists in Kiev fighting fascism, the male survivors of rape who are using their experiences to help others, and the ex-spies of GCHQ who were fired in the sixties simply for being gay. I’ve conducted investigations into the failings of NHS gender clinics, the impact of austerity on the LGBT community and the effects of cuts to HIV services.

Since May 2017 I’ve been at the Guardian, working as a commissioning editor. Previously I was the assistant editor of Attitude magazine, the UK’s best selling LGBT publication, and the features editor of QX Magazine, London’s largest free gay weekly magazine.